From a Recent Discussion

Not too long ago I was in a discussion with a fellow Catholic when he brought up an interesting point, which I will expand.

Western Democracies have a sort of ‘rump elite’ composed of those people who go to fashionable schools, wear fashionable clothes, enter fashionable professions, and hold fashionable opinions. Journalists are eager to be part of this ‘back stairs elite’ so the repeat the opinions of this group largely uncritically.
The members of this self-anointed group share a number of traits- they are secular, they are Liberal, they believe the myth of progress, and they prefer large urban areas.
These “elites” also believe that they have keen insights into human nature, culture, society, and politics. We know this because they tell everyone that they do: Although atheists they routinely claim to know more about religion than religious people; although Liberal, they write volumes about how non-Liberals think and why they think that way; despite preferring urban areas they speak endlessly about how to ‘fix’ rural areas; and so on.
Look at their outlook at Catholicism. The elites are convinced that they “understand” Catholicism and Catholics. They write volumes about how Catholics ‘really’ think, about ‘why Catholics do the things they do’. These “elites” are convinced they know all of the arguments and facts needed to refute any Catholic position and even to ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ a Catholic of the ‘error’ of being Catholic. Look at the language they use when speaking of Catholics and this is all very obvious.

These “elites” live in a culture with millions of Catholics, hundreds of millions throughout the West. They speak the same languages as Catholics. They went to the same schools, watch the same television programs, attend the same sporting events and plays, share the same history, culture, and food as Catholics.
And they are ABSOLUTELY WRONG about the motivations and goals of the Catholics that they live with and know very well!

Since this is true, why in the world should anyone listen to their opinions about Muslims? If secular Liberal elites cannot understand the Catholics they share a culture with, how in the world can they grasp the intricacies of Muslims from a foreign culture?